Cathedral Bells - Self Titled EP

New York’s hottest new nightclub is Cathedral Bells. They’ve got everything; beeps, boops, goth
jazzercising, the bullseye in the middle of the Venn Diagram of musical interests between Claire
Standish and Allison Reynolds, and of course the Psychic Capital of the World. So what are we
talking about here? Just go listen to the dang thing.

Cathedral Bells is the shoegaze project of Matthew Messore and David Carey hailing from
Cassadaga, Florida. Their self-titled EP dropped February 1st on Good Eye Records and this thing is just crackling with kinetic energy. Messore says the album was written during a period in which he returned to his hometown and it centers on themes of isolation and space. These songs are the perfect encapsulation of the happy//sad formula, the lyrics touching on Messore’s stated themes and the music...the MUSIC! Cathedral Bells have really placed themselves atop the pedestal of
music to play while Robert Smith rides the exercise bike. “Homebody” is the single that
preceded this EP and for good reason. The song is an absolute bop; driving drums, the perfect
synth tones, this is music for walking in the cold while the sun shines on your face.

For me the standout track here is “A Passing Phase”, the lyrics are a gut punch of poetry, when
Messore sings “give me something to hold onto” you feel you’re soul reaching, connecting with
these feelings, existing with Messore’s spirit on some ethereal plane. The instrumentation is
superb too, the bassline is such an earworm and the synths not only pair so well with it, but also
help to create the environment of isolation Messore is conveying through his lyrics.

In the movie To the Wonder, Marina and Neil return to Oklahoma after falling in love in Paris
and Marina, a Ukranian, begins to feel isolated in this rural environment. Very much removed
from family, country, and comfort, Malick is able to portray the intense feelings of isolation and
doubt through sweeping landscape imagery as well as minimal dialogue. It’s somewhat hard to
put isolation into relatable words, hell even Malick had trouble with it, but with this EP, Cathedral
Bells are showing us a potential road map in how to express these feelings... and dance our
asses off while doing it.

RIYL: Goth Jazzercising (the activity I have no idea if this is a band), DIIV, Slowdive
Favorite Tracks: A Passing Phase, Homebody

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Written by Ira Mason (@spookEguy420_69)


Goodnight Daniel - "Mountain"

Inspired by jazz and Brazilian music, songwriter and guitarist Brett Jones makes quiet rock songs that moves listeners. "Mountain" in particular was composed intentionally "with lots of space... to invite you to focus on finding little magic moments" according to Jones. His method is quite effective. I was hooked immediately by his gentle strumming and soft vocals in the beginning. The end of "Mountain" took me home, if you will, as keys trickled between the drumming in the background. All in all, this is a great track and a great sign for the future for Goodnight Daniel (Richmond, VA). They are set to release their debut 4-track EP on March 1 on digital and cassette formats via Sad Cactus Records. Give "Mountain" a spin today.

RIYL: Horse Jumper of Love, Hovvdy, Crumb, Twain

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Writen by Connor Murray (@craftedsounds)


Lo Haze - "Cosmonaut"

You told yourself to get up and go for a run. You were very close to staying bed, but here you are trotting along. For some reason the gap in winter extremities is rather nice. It sure helps when it is above freezing. Some time into your run it starts to rain, and you hit your stride. You look up and the sun breaks the horizon as droplets of water kiss your forehead and proceed to run down your face. Don't get me wrong... you are gassed as fuck, but this is not so bad after all. I'd imagine that the music that would fit naturally in that moment of cardiovascular humility would be "Cosmonaut," a new track from LA act Lo Haze. "Cosmonaut' is a powerful, deeply emotional track that reminds one what it is like to be human. It encourages one to reach for new heights with rather intense streaks of guitar and enchanting vocals.

Lo Haze is just getting started after recently coming together last year. Their debut EP is set for release this Thursday on streaming services and they have a EP release show planned on February 22 in LA as well. Get hip to Lo Haze and spin this single ASAP.

RIYL: No Vacation, Beach House

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Written by Connor Murray (@craftedsounds)


Soundcheck - February 8, 2019

Every week or so we will roundup some songs we really dig and share them with you. We hope you enjoy these as much as we do. Have a nice day.

Homes - "Younger Sun"

Layered vocals and clean guitar strumming all the way from Slovakia that really hit home. Listen to this as the sun breaks the horizon tomorrow morning. 

Corduroy - "Portico"

New jangle-pop from Baltimore (members from Wildhoney, Expert Alternations, Mess, Gloop) to keep you boppin' on your way to whatever you do during the day. Definitely check out their self-titled EP.

THYLA - "Only Ever"

THYLA just dropped their new EP last week via REX Records. Vibe out to the powerful reverb-drenched guitar and uplifting vocals on this single. 

loner spring - "Disconnect"

Clever drumming and strumming in the beginning really hooked me into this track. However, that is not all she wrote... "Passing Dreams" progresses into a defiant grunge piece that keeps the head banging. Do not skip this.

Saeyers - "Cruise"

Groovy and nostalgic. Saeyers has found a great medium in his sound that anyone could truly cruise to. Listen carefully and the synth instrumentation will get the best of you too.

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Gentle Ivanhoe Death Skulls - 'Beaches'

In the spirit of full disclosure you should know now: this album is called Beaches. Yeah, I
know. But hang on, this isn’t a “surf punk” record. Not even close. Put down that Dads reference and stamp out that five panel hat you lit on fire. We may have all once said “If You’re Song Has ‘Beach’ in the Title, I’m Not Listening” but maybe it’s time to let old wounds (and reverb damaged ears) heal. Gentle Ivanhoe Death Skulls finally have a debut and it’s only here to help, I promise.

The album introduces itself with the excellent, “Green Hang Ten”, a song that first saw release
online as a single in late 2017. “Hang Ten” rolls in on smokescreen synths and with a kinetic bassline in the driver seat. It’s dancey and just a little distant at the start and remains that way until arriving at its blissfully abrupt conclusion. It’s an opener that is both on trend and out of time; a combination that conjures atmosphere and finds the Death Skulls’ sharing a channel with the likes of Cleaners From Venus and fellow Swedes, The Radio Dept.

Where “Green Hang Ten” shines as the ear catching opener, its successor, “Heavyweight”,
rushes in to assure listeners that Death Skulls are not the kind of band to occupy any lane too long.
“Heavyweight” brings listeners back to earth with sketchy guitars and rubber stomp rhythms before the euphoric “Hairdresser” launches them back up, sky high. In fact, the latter track features a synth line so sunny it could have been lifted from the lush desktop meadows of James Ferraro's “Far Side Virtual”. It became clear, through the lofi twee of the title track to album’s midpoint, “A Clubber Lang Fan” that “Hang Ten” was only the beginning of a hot streak.

Beaches' success comes not just from its commitment to variation but also it’s knowing how to wrap a good track fast. The band sets up one song after the other, never lingering or allowing an idea to feel less than fresh. While this approach renders the second half of the record slightly anonymous, it’s likely a result of the streaming format rather than a failure of songwriting. Beaches is an album that would probably benefit from being heard in a more traditional “side A/ side b” structure. Unfortunately in the age of streaming, the highly concentrated sugar of Beaches can lose flavor after an unbroken half hour.

Gentle Ivanhoe Death Skulls is not a band without peers. In general terms they have much in
common with bigger groups such as Tycho and Hoops. However, what distinguishes Gentle Ivanhoe Death Skulls, besides their very long name, is a total lack of lethargy. The band approaches their songs with a high energy and enthusiasm that feels uncommon in a modern dream pop act. Unsatisfied to simply borrow the textures and cassette pastiche of past decades, Death Skulls are mindful enough to include the danceable “Happy Sad” songcraft that was the trademark of 80’s alternative. It makes for a listening experience that is feels at home in the bedroom, the bar and even, yeah, the beach.

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Writen by Jake Rzeppa (@getoldordietrying)