Ron Mist - "Cycling"

I was recently informed that PGH music legend/DJ/all around good person Dylly K now has a solo project by the name of Ron Mist. Given that they have provided the electronic accompaniment to the band String Machine for years, and they have been hosting virtual dance parties over the course of the pandemic, I was not all that surprised to hear that they had been working towards their own record Dancing Is A Celebration of Being Alive (Power Nap Records). 

Ron's single "Cycling" brings you in with this ominous vocal/breathing (?) sample and what sounds like a bike clicking as its wheels glide over smooth pavement. (It honestly took me some time to make that connection with the track title, but I guess it is better late than never.) Then you are dropped into some euphoric soundscape that leads you to the meat and potatoes of the track... but not first without being told "Dancing is a physical form of expression." Sick.

This is where the music video comes into play. The dance montage of Kimie Parker shot and edited by David McCandless is amazing. Surgeon general also recommends that you watch until the end to see an epic Ron Mist jump kick.

But yeah... you're brought into this truly zoned-in dance track that continues to pile on intricate layers til the very end. Solid bass rhythm, hi-hats, and then some electronic work that drizzles all over it like chocolate syrup. Truly tasty. I love how the song seems to sonically spiral over itself in the end. A little guitar "kicks" in from afar as well (see video). 

This was a good start from Ron Mist. I am not sure when the full record will drop, but I will be waiting for it. Check out "Cycling" below.

Ron Mist's Bandcamp proceeds will be split 50/50 between The Alignment Chapter (non-profit providing help for single mothers) and to The Mr. Roboto Project.

RIYL: Ratatat, Moss of Aura, Yves Tumor, Four Tet
Hot Take: Add to your running/cycling playlist immediately. Consider hydrating while listening to this track. Also I miss shows. 

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Written by Connor Murray (@craftedsounds)

Twenty Top 5s with Rui Gabriel

HEY! Welcome to Twenty Top 5s. I (Tyler) have been sending out questionnaires to some of my favorite musicians and asking for their top 5 in every category. I’ll be publishing them every Thursday for the foreseeable future. Hopefully this lets you get to know some of your favorite musicians a little bit better, and I hope it distracts you in these trying times.

Today's Twenty Top 5s participant is Rui Gabriel, bassist and co-lead vocalist of New Orleans band Lawn. Lawn's new record Johnny is being co-released on September 4th by Community Records and Muscle Beach Records. Johnny perfectly captures what Lawn does best: balancing twangy folk-tinged pop with harsh, angular post-punk, frequently in the same song. Rui's driving bass forms a formidable rhythm section with rock-steady drummer Hunter Keene, and Mac Folger's ability to shape shift his guitar playing to whatever the song calls for makes every song surprising. Mac and Rui's distinct voices play off of each other extremely well, with Rui's bellowing, often half-shouted vocals carrying some of the record's heavier songs. You may recognize his voice as the lead vocalist on the Matt Surfin' and Friends track "Get Down" (Matt Seferian of Matt Surfin' and Pope engineered Johnny as well).

Lawn has been one of the hidden gems in a vibrant New Orleans music scene for a while now, and I have a feeling the "hidden" part is going to change when Johnny is released. Not many bands could pull off making a cohesive record that seems equal parts influenced by Parquet Courts and Bob Dylan. Nothing on this album sounds out of place, and Rui seems to be the glue that holds it all together. While you're waiting for Johnny to be released, be sure to check out Lawn's 2018 debut record Blood on the Tracks to get ready for another Community Records banger.

recording artists when you were in high school

1. The Clash
2. Pavement
3. Beck
4. J Dilla
5. Talking Heads

Instrument influences

1. Tina Weymouth
2. Graham Lewis
3. Paul Simonon
4. Steve Hanley
5. Deborah Scroggins

Songwriting influences

1. Stephen Malkmus
2. David Berman
3. Mark E. Smith
4. Elvis Costello
5. Residente

Karaoke songs

1. Bizarre Love Triangle
2. Lust for Life
3. TVC15
4. Burning Down the House
5. Like a Rolling Stone

Junk foods

1. Taco Bell 7 Layer Burrito (hold the cheese and cream)
2. Hardee’s Beyond Thickburger
3. McDonalds’ Fries
4. So Delicious Salted Caramel Cashew Milk Ice Cream
5. Waffle House hash browns

Places to eat in New Orleans

1. Sweet Soul Food
2. Dian Xin
3. Pho Tau Bay
4. Taqueria Guerrero
5. Marjie’s Grill


1. Dr. Strangelove or: How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb
2. La Haine
3. Boogie Nights
4. Do the Right Thing
5. Che (parts 1 and 2)

Role models

1. Mi padre
2. Malcom X
3. David Sedaris
4. Pepe Mujica
5. Andy Kaufman

Songs you’ve written

1. Argentina
2. Summertime
3. My Boy
4. Soda
5. Honest to God/Paper

Guilty pleasures

1. Cheese
2. Alternate history YouTube videos
3. Reality TV
4. Raw onions
5. Sitting in the car with the AC blasting while not leaving the parking lot after grocery shopping.

Musical artists in New Orleans

1. The Convenience
2. Sharks Teeth
3. Sexy Dex and the Fresh
4. Video Age
5. Pope

Productive ways to pass time during corona

1. Leisure walks
2. Learning to make cacio e pepe
3. Reading
4. Writing/Recording
5. Attempting to learn another language

Unproductive ways to pass time during corona

1. Smoking
2. Fantasizing about gear I can’t afford
3. Rewatching House M.D
4. Sleeping in
5. Impulse buying gear I can’t afford and then returning it

Songs right now

1. Art Feynman - Taking on Hollywood
2. Arca - KLK
3. Lithics - Hands
4. J Balvin - Rosa
5. NNAMDÏ - Wasted

80s pop jams

1. Talking Heads - Once In a Lifetime
2. Prince - Raspberry Beret
3. The Romantics - What I Like About You
4. Paul McCartney - Coming Up
5. The B-52’s - Girl From Ipema Goes to Greenland

Venues you’ve played

1. The Bootleg Theater
2. One Eyed Jacks
3. Billy’s Ballroom
4. Cheer Up Charlie’s
5. Some abandoned batting cages in Philadelphia (Editor's note: pretty sure this is Everybody Hits?)

Albums that changed your life

1. Pavement - Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain
2. The Clash - S/T
3. The Fall - Hex Enduction Hour
4. Silver Jews - American Water
5. Beck - Odelay

Cities you’ve visited

1. New York City, NY
2. Chicago, IL
3. Montreal, QC
4. San Francisco, CA
5. Jackson, MS


1. Habanero Yucateco
2. Valentina
3. Zatarain’s Creole Mustard
4. Guasacaca
5. Chimichurri

Fictional characters

1. General Buck Turgidson
2. Bunny Colvin
3. Jennifer Melfi
4. Dale Cooper
5. Quico

Written by Tyler Gallagher (@TylerGallagher8)

Twenty Top 5s with Hoagie Ensley

HEY! Welcome to Twenty Top 5s. I (Tyler) have been sending out questionnaires to some of my favorite musicians and asking for their top 5 in every category. I’ll be publishing them every Thursday for the foreseeable future. Hopefully this lets you get to know some of your favorite musicians a little bit better, and I hope it distracts you in these trying times.

Today's Twenty Top 5s participant is Chicago-based musician Ryan "Hoagie" Ensley. Hoagie is a veteran of the Chicago DIY scene, though his primary focus is his solo project, Sonny Falls. The first Sonny Falls full-length, Some Kind of Spectre, was released on Sooper Records (run by Nnamdi Ogbonnaya and Sen Morimoto, among others) in 2018. It established Sonny Falls as a tour-de-force of anthemic garage rock, driven by the heartbreakingly personal narratives Hoagie spins in his lyrics. Think Pavement and Bruce Springsteen doing the Dragonball Z fusion dance. The new Sonny Falls record, All That Has Come Apart/Once Did Not Exist, is Hoagie's most ambitious project yet. The album is in the process of being released in three parts through Plastic Miracles, Elise Okusami of Oceanator's new label. The new album features some of the best songs Hoagie has written, and just like Some Kind of Spectre, so much of the album feels like you're present with him.

When Hoagie is not working on his solo music, he stays very busy. He plays in another great Chicago-based band called Old Joy (, records his own podcast called the Hoagie Showgie (available on Spotify and elsewhere), and runs a fundraising project called Bake Bag (@bakebagproject on Instagram) with his partner Emma. His work ethic is second to none, and I can't wait for the rest of the world to hear this new record.

recording artists when you were in high school

1. Bright Eyes
2. Elliott Smith
3. Television
4. Dead Kennedys
5. Billy Joel

Songwriting influences

1. Elliott Smith
2. Dave Berman
3. Bill Callahan
4. Sonic Youth
5. Leonard Cohen

Instrument influences

1. Stephen Malkmus
2. Elliott Smith
3. Lee Ranaldo
4. Tom Verlaine
5. J Mascis

Karaoke songs

1. American Pie by Don McLean
2. Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmmm by Crash Test Dummies
3. Hook by Blues Traveler
4. Dancing in the moonlight by Thin Lizzy
5. The Beautiful People by Marilyn Manson

Junk foods

1. Americone Dream by Ben and Jerry
2. Take 5
3. Double stuffed oreos
4. Reeses
5. Frozen snickers

Places to eat in Chicago

1.Kasias Deli
3. Dantes Pizza
4. Los Pollitos
5. Cafe Jumping Bean


1.The Fog
2. Reanimator
3. Taxi Driver
4. The Exorcist
5. Dig

Sonny Falls songs

1. All
2. Songs
3. From
4. New
5. Album

Things to cook at home

1. Cheesy Potato Spinach quesadilla
2. Chili
3. breakfast burrito
4.  Rice / Beans with spinach / peppers
5.  Chicken / peppers / onions

Productive ways to pass time during corona

1. Writing songs
2. Recording songs
3. Reading books
4. Meditating
5. Running / biking

Unproductive ways to pass time during corona

1. looking at social media
2. panicking
3. constantly reading the news
4. trying to find something to watch
5. mindlessly pacing the house

Songs right now 

1. Get the old band back together - Christian Lee Hutson
2. Loner - Dehd
3. Velodrome - 2nd Grade
4. Shadow of She was - Cyrus Gengras
5.  Los Angeles - Dougie Pool

80s pop jams

1. Uptown Girl - Billy Joel
2. Hungry Heart - Bruce Springsteen
3. Crimson & Clover - Joan Jett
4. You can call me al - Paul Simon
5. Summer of '69 - Bryan Adams

Venues you’ve played 

1. Empty Bottle
2. Coles
3. Drkmttr
4. Hotel Vegas
5. UFO Factory

Albums that changed your life 

1. I'm Wide Awake It's Morning - Bright Eyes
2. From A Basement on The Hill - Elliott Smith
3. Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain - Pavement
4. The Stranger - Billy Joel
5. Capacity - Big Thief

Pizza toppings

1. Cheese
2. sausage
3. onions
4. peppers
5. garlic

Cities you’ve visited 

1. NYC
2. New Orleans
3. Pittsburgh
4. Austin
5. Nashville


1. BBQ
2. bbq
3. bbq
4. bbq
5. mustard

Fictional characters 

1. Harry Potter
2. The Dude
3. Kramer
4. Walter White
5. Freddy Krueger

Written by Tyler Gallagher (@TylerGallagher8)

Twenty Top 5s with Davey Jones

HEY! Welcome to Twenty Top 5s. I (Tyler) have been sending out questionnaires to some of my favorite musicians and asking for their top 5 in every category. I’ll be publishing them every Thursday for the foreseeable future. Hopefully this lets you get to know some of your favorite musicians a little bit better, and I hope it distracts you in these trying times.

Today's Twenty Top 5s participant is Brooklyn-based musician Davey Jones. He is the man behind Lost Boy ?, a garage-y punk project whose albums often feature Davey on every instrument and vocals. Lost Boy ?'s music is characterized by gigantic hooks and fuzzed-out guitar with Davey using his signature first-person lyrics to explore various characters by walking in their shoes. Davey is prolific. He's released three EPs and two singles this year alone, including "FEEL LIKE SHIT (All of the Time)" in which he embodies COVID-19 itself. The video is, of course, produced by Davey, as he is both a talented artist and animator.

Davey has had a tremendous influence on me since the first time I saw him perform. He and Luke Chiaruttini (of Bueno) performed an absolutely brilliant "karaoke set" in which they alternated performing their songs with nothing but the instrumental track blaring in the background. There were probably less than ten people in that basement, but Davey and Luke performed as if it was a packed stadium show. I've seen Lost Boy ? five or six times since then (usually with a full band), but that one always sticks out. You're lucky to get the chance to rock, so take advantage of the opportunity every chance you get. Davey embodies this attitude better than anyone I know.

recording artists when you were in high school

Modest Mouse

Rage Against the Machine




Instrument influences

Jimi Hendrix (Guitar)

Dave Grohl (Drums)

Paul McCartney (Bass)

Iggy Pop (Vocal)

Kim Deal (Bass)

Songwriting influences



Personal Shit

Pop Culture


Karaoke songs

Right Said Fred - "Im Too Sexy"

Marcy Playground - "Sex & Candy"

Prodigy - "Scratch My Itch Up"

The Cure - "Boys Don't Cry"

REM - "Crush With Eyeliner"

Junk foods

Ice Cream

Ice Cream



Ice Cream

Places to eat in New York

Sunnyside Pizza (Queens)

Yun Nan Flavor Snack (Sunset Park)

Awash (NYC)

Punjabi (NYC)

Jesse's Coffee Shop (Brooklyn)



Who Framed Roger Rabbit


Good Time


Role models

My Brother


Chris Elia

Adam & Nora

Neil Young

Songs you’ve written

Feel Like Shit


Dialogue Runner

Never Left You


New York bands


Dan Francia

Tall Juan


Def Grls

Productive ways to pass time during corona

learn things you always wanted to know or do (on the web or in a book)




wash your hands

Unproductive ways to pass time during corona






Songs right now

Raekwon - "Knucklheadz"

NIN - "March of the Pigs"

Tricky - "The Only Way

Tim Presley - "I Have to Feed Larry's Hawk"

Quavius - "New Me (Who Is This)"

80s pop jams

Madonna - "Lucky Star"

The Cure - "Close to Me"

Prince - "Raspberry Beret"

Van Halen - "Unchained"

The Stranglers - "Golden Brown"


William Burroughs - "Junky"

Patti Schemel - "Hit So Hard"

Richard Hell - "I Dreamed I Was a Very Clean Tramp"

Brix Smith Start - "The Rise, The Fall and the Rise of.."

Deborah Spunden - "And I Don't Want to Live This Life"

Albums that changed your life

Jimi Hendrix - "Are You Experienced"

REM - "Monster"

Onyx - "Bacdafucup"

Wu Tang - "36 Chambers"

Breeders - "Last Splash"

Pizza toppings




tomato basil


Cities you’ve visited 



San Francisco


New Orleans


Duck Sauce

Soy Sauce



Yellowbird Hot Sauces

Fictional characters

Darth Vader

George Costanza

Jackie Brown


Royal Tenenbaum

Written by Tyler Gallagher (@TylerGallagher8)

Twenty Top 5s with Pierce Jordan

HEY! Welcome to Twenty Top 5s. I (Tyler) have been sending out questionnaires to some of my favorite musicians and asking for their top 5 in every category. I’ll be publishing them every Thursday for the foreseeable future. Hopefully this lets you get to know some of your favorite musicians a little bit better, and I hope it distracts you in these trying times.

Today's Twenty Top 5s participant is Pierce Jordan, frontman of Philly-based hardcore band Soul Glo. Soul Glo's newest album, THE N**** IN ME IS ME, perfectly encapsulates everything the band is, all in under 20 minutes. The music is chaotic, veering rapidly between straight-forward hardcore, noise-rap, and screamo, often within the same song. At the forefront is always Pierce's signature howl and cutting lyrics about being black in America. Sometimes Pierce's lyrics read as a nuanced dissertation on race relations; sometimes they read like he's shouting in your face. Soul Glo's music is designed to make you uncomfortable, and Pierce's shrieks will do just that.

The first time I saw Soul Glo was at a house show in South Oakland (I believe it was People's Warehouse AKA Cafe Verona), and it was legitimately one of the best live performances I've ever seen. An incredibly tight hardcore band with a seemingly possessed frontman is always a recipe for success, but Soul Glo is unmatched when it comes to lyrical content and experimentation.

recording artists when you were in high school

System of a Down


The Mars Volta

The Number 12 Looks Like You

Between the Buried and Me

Songwriting influences

Stanley Clarke


Circle Takes The Square

System of a Down

Young Thug

Instrument influences

Stanley Clarke (bass)

Prince (everything)

Mike Kuhn (drums)

Angela Gossow (vocals)

Young Thug (vocals)

Karaoke songs

Throw Some D’s by Rich Boy

Hot Nigga by Bobby Shmurda

Prison Song by System of a Down

Freakum Dress by Beyoncé

What a Fool Believes by The Doobie Brothers

Junk foods

Mozzerella Sticks from the bodega on 20th and Tasker

7/11 Hot Wings aka Tyson’s Anytizers

Ben&Jerry’s Salted Caramel Core pints

Taco Bell’s Quesarito

Weed cereal bars, lately I’ve been fuckin w Honey Bunches of Oats

Places to eat in Philly

Que Chula es Puebla

Han Dynasty

Andy’s Chicken

El Taco

Night Owls and Brandywine Pizza have a fire veggie burger

also honorable mention to the bodega on 7th and Master w the fire $2 fries chicken thigh and drumstick no lo corte


The Science of Sleep


Good Burger


When Harry Met Sally

Role models

My parents

Soul Glo songs

Mad new shit whose titles I can’t reveal sorry

Philly bands


Loose Nukes

Mother Maryrose

Irreversible Entanglements


Productive ways to pass time during corona

Getting money




Acquiring materials for recording music

Unproductive ways to pass time during corona

Jerkin it


Smoking until I can’t walk straight

Getting drunk

Staring at the wall

Songs right now

HD by Based Savage

Blinding Lights Remix ft.Chromatics by the Weeknd

literally every Savage remix I’ve heard including over the beats for Bossy by Kelis and Intl. Players
Anthem by UGK

Element by Pop Smoke

The Contract by Conway the Machine

80s pop jams


Venues you’ve played

De Onderboek in Nijmegen, Netherlands

Cousin Danny’s in Philly

Ottobar in Baltimore, MD

Golden Tea House in Philly

Archer Ballroom in Chicago, IL

Albums that changed your life

Stanley Clarke-Self Titled

Circle Takes The Square-As The Roots Undo

System of a Down-Toxicity

Beyoncé-Dangerously In Love

M83-Before The Dawn Heals Us

Pizza toppings

Black Olives


More cheese than a human should eat


Buffalo Chicken

Cities you’ve visited







Hot Sauce



Brown Mustard


Fictional characters



Georgia Nicholson

Andy Kaufman

Paris Hilton

Written by Tyler Gallagher (@TylerGallagher8)