Ron Mist - "Cycling"

I was recently informed that PGH music legend/DJ/all around good person Dylly K now has a solo project by the name of Ron Mist. Given that they have provided the electronic accompaniment to the band String Machine for years, and they have been hosting virtual dance parties over the course of the pandemic, I was not all that surprised to hear that they had been working towards their own record Dancing Is A Celebration of Being Alive (Power Nap Records). 

Ron's single "Cycling" brings you in with this ominous vocal/breathing (?) sample and what sounds like a bike clicking as its wheels glide over smooth pavement. (It honestly took me some time to make that connection with the track title, but I guess it is better late than never.) Then you are dropped into some euphoric soundscape that leads you to the meat and potatoes of the track... but not first without being told "Dancing is a physical form of expression." Sick.

This is where the music video comes into play. The dance montage of Kimie Parker shot and edited by David McCandless is amazing. Surgeon general also recommends that you watch until the end to see an epic Ron Mist jump kick.

But yeah... you're brought into this truly zoned-in dance track that continues to pile on intricate layers til the very end. Solid bass rhythm, hi-hats, and then some electronic work that drizzles all over it like chocolate syrup. Truly tasty. I love how the song seems to sonically spiral over itself in the end. A little guitar "kicks" in from afar as well (see video). 

This was a good start from Ron Mist. I am not sure when the full record will drop, but I will be waiting for it. Check out "Cycling" below.

Ron Mist's Bandcamp proceeds will be split 50/50 between The Alignment Chapter (non-profit providing help for single mothers) and to The Mr. Roboto Project.

RIYL: Ratatat, Moss of Aura, Yves Tumor, Four Tet
Hot Take: Add to your running/cycling playlist immediately. Consider hydrating while listening to this track. Also I miss shows. 

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Written by Connor Murray (@craftedsounds)