Twenty Top 5s with Pierce Jordan

HEY! Welcome to Twenty Top 5s. I (Tyler) have been sending out questionnaires to some of my favorite musicians and asking for their top 5 in every category. I’ll be publishing them every Thursday for the foreseeable future. Hopefully this lets you get to know some of your favorite musicians a little bit better, and I hope it distracts you in these trying times.

Today's Twenty Top 5s participant is Pierce Jordan, frontman of Philly-based hardcore band Soul Glo. Soul Glo's newest album, THE N**** IN ME IS ME, perfectly encapsulates everything the band is, all in under 20 minutes. The music is chaotic, veering rapidly between straight-forward hardcore, noise-rap, and screamo, often within the same song. At the forefront is always Pierce's signature howl and cutting lyrics about being black in America. Sometimes Pierce's lyrics read as a nuanced dissertation on race relations; sometimes they read like he's shouting in your face. Soul Glo's music is designed to make you uncomfortable, and Pierce's shrieks will do just that.

The first time I saw Soul Glo was at a house show in South Oakland (I believe it was People's Warehouse AKA Cafe Verona), and it was legitimately one of the best live performances I've ever seen. An incredibly tight hardcore band with a seemingly possessed frontman is always a recipe for success, but Soul Glo is unmatched when it comes to lyrical content and experimentation.

recording artists when you were in high school

System of a Down


The Mars Volta

The Number 12 Looks Like You

Between the Buried and Me

Songwriting influences

Stanley Clarke


Circle Takes The Square

System of a Down

Young Thug

Instrument influences

Stanley Clarke (bass)

Prince (everything)

Mike Kuhn (drums)

Angela Gossow (vocals)

Young Thug (vocals)

Karaoke songs

Throw Some D’s by Rich Boy

Hot Nigga by Bobby Shmurda

Prison Song by System of a Down

Freakum Dress by Beyoncé

What a Fool Believes by The Doobie Brothers

Junk foods

Mozzerella Sticks from the bodega on 20th and Tasker

7/11 Hot Wings aka Tyson’s Anytizers

Ben&Jerry’s Salted Caramel Core pints

Taco Bell’s Quesarito

Weed cereal bars, lately I’ve been fuckin w Honey Bunches of Oats

Places to eat in Philly

Que Chula es Puebla

Han Dynasty

Andy’s Chicken

El Taco

Night Owls and Brandywine Pizza have a fire veggie burger

also honorable mention to the bodega on 7th and Master w the fire $2 fries chicken thigh and drumstick no lo corte


The Science of Sleep


Good Burger


When Harry Met Sally

Role models

My parents

Soul Glo songs

Mad new shit whose titles I can’t reveal sorry

Philly bands


Loose Nukes

Mother Maryrose

Irreversible Entanglements


Productive ways to pass time during corona

Getting money




Acquiring materials for recording music

Unproductive ways to pass time during corona

Jerkin it


Smoking until I can’t walk straight

Getting drunk

Staring at the wall

Songs right now

HD by Based Savage

Blinding Lights Remix ft.Chromatics by the Weeknd

literally every Savage remix I’ve heard including over the beats for Bossy by Kelis and Intl. Players
Anthem by UGK

Element by Pop Smoke

The Contract by Conway the Machine

80s pop jams


Venues you’ve played

De Onderboek in Nijmegen, Netherlands

Cousin Danny’s in Philly

Ottobar in Baltimore, MD

Golden Tea House in Philly

Archer Ballroom in Chicago, IL

Albums that changed your life

Stanley Clarke-Self Titled

Circle Takes The Square-As The Roots Undo

System of a Down-Toxicity

Beyoncé-Dangerously In Love

M83-Before The Dawn Heals Us

Pizza toppings

Black Olives


More cheese than a human should eat


Buffalo Chicken

Cities you’ve visited







Hot Sauce



Brown Mustard


Fictional characters



Georgia Nicholson

Andy Kaufman

Paris Hilton

Written by Tyler Gallagher (@TylerGallagher8)