Reagan Cats - "Staring at the Light"

What are Reagan Cats? Who are they? What do they do? Where do they live? My Reagan Cats shirt (see here) has been one of the most consistent items in my wardrobe for close to 2 years now. Most shirts of this nature do warrant comments from people, but it's safe to say their shirt/name has generated an above average response from my peers. Today I can finally say, "Hey... Reagan Cats have new music. You really should listen to it."

Reagan Cats are a rock n' roll band from Charm City that have been playing together for the better part of 5 years now. They have put together some impressive EP's since 2014, and have performed regionally, contributing to the dynamic music ecosystem in Baltimore. Their music comes off a little clean in comparison to a lot of the gritty, more experimental sounds I hear from the region, but they stand out for exactly that reason. Well written, well executed, well produced... Reagan Cats make great indie rock music with a hint of winding western flair. You can hear exactly what I mean in their new track "Staring at the Light," which will also be on their first full-length record (TBA).

On this single Reagan Cats are quick to strike. The track splashes immediately with rumbling bass and streaking guitar, setting the scene for this dreamy hitter. Heavy vocals roll over conveying  thoughts and dialogue regarding a seemingly troubled person at some kind of crossroads, leaving the narrator "staring at the light." Ethereal synth trickles later into sonic frame and emphasizes the weight of the situation as this person determines what they should do. "In your eyes I only see him... Oh the devil in disguise... but it's in my mind..." Warm, calm vocals explode into a raspier shout at the end as the narrator begs this person to make the best decision they possibly can. This shout is quickly silenced as the track fades to nothing, leaving me wanting more. What the heck just happened? I do not know for sure... but it was a damn good listen.

Listen to the song below. "Staring at the Light" hits streaming this weekend (Friday).

RIYL: Broncho, Paul Cherry, The Districts, Palace, Omni, June Pastel
Hot Take: Reagan Cats ring in a new, more powerful era of sad cowboy songs.

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Written by Connor Murray (@craftedsounds)