Gauche - "A People's History of Gauche"

Listen, I get it. Shit ain’t right.

Something feels off; hasn’t this already happened before?
How old is this newspaper?

Oh it’s from today?

That can’t be?
2 weeks... again?

Everything shouldn’t come in cycles.
I can’t go to work and act like it’s just another normal day...wanna play hooky?

“I know! I can’t! Survive like this!”- Gauche

Gauche is a 6 person post-punk, goddess worship, absolute ripper of a doozy, dance your dang legs off, group hailing from Washington D.C. Their most recent album, The People’s History of Gauce, is just crackling with energy; absolutely the most inviting and fun power-punk album I’ve heard in a minute, Idles’ Joy as an Act of Resistance being up there as well. Every song is built to make sure that we all understand how Gauche got here but they never tip their hand to where they’re going to next.

“Flash” kicks the album off and from there we’re on a motorcycle of divinity ripping on a speed run that ends in a crisp, 36 minutes. The rhythm section of keys, percussion, and bass are so locked in together, boogie just oooooozzzesss out. From there, everything else is exactly where it needs to be, saxophone, guitar and lyrics. The LYRICS. Some powerful words, painting some powerful images and, through their delivery, become scripture. The one-two punch of “Pay Day” into “Surveilled Society” is the only rollercoaster your heart and brain need to ride this week, and by the time we get to the second sucker-punch of “Dirty Jacket” and “History”, well hell, the owner came in pissed off about 20 minutes ago; Gauche had simultaneously tilted every pinball machine in the arcade while getting all 3 top high scores and giving all the kids their quarters.

I think the most important thing about this album is that you can be angry and smile and have fun and cry all at the same time. Gauche is here to help you release all your tension with society through the newest Richard Simmons’ exercise video filmed in the middle of a protest. Leg-warmers provided.

RIYL: Disco Patti Smith, The Raincoats, boogie shoes with daggers on them, sax so perfectly peppered you wanna season your eggs with it, No New York

Favorite Tracks: Flash, Pay Day, Surveilled Society, Dirty Jacket, History

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