Twenty Top 5s with Julia Carbone

HEY! Welcome to Twenty Top 5s. I (Tyler) have been sending out questionnaires to some of my favorite musicians and asking for their top 5 in every category. I’ll be publishing them every Thursday for the foreseeable future. Hopefully this lets you get to know some of your favorite musicians a little bit better, and I hope it distracts you in these trying times.

Today's Twenty Top 5s participant is Julia Carbone. Julia sings and plays keys in Pittsburgh self-described "seltzer punk" band Swither. Generally speaking, Swither makes bouncy pop songs; sometimes they're punk, sometimes they're anthemic, sometimes they're both. Swither is always fun though, particularly their energetic live performances. Julia's vocals and keys are the perfect "oomph" for Swither, doubly so when she sings lead on songs like "Sharpshooter."

In addition to her work in Swither, Julia is a talented visual artist (she's done work for The Alternative) who makes dope clothes and food. Her cannoli cupcakes are to die for. TODAY IS ALSO HER BIRTHDAY. So here's Julia's Twenty Top 5s, send her all of the gifts and gifs you can find.

recording artists when you were in high school

Brand New :(

Say Anything

Four Year Strong

New Found Glory

Green Day

Songwriting influences

Bikini Kill


The Runaways


Mannequin Pussy

Instrument influences

Screaming Females

Bikini Kill

Sheer Mag

Angel Dust

The Slits

Karaoke songs

Love is a Rose- Linda Ronstadt

Love Shack- B52’s

Man I Feel Like A Woman- Shania Twain

I Love Rock And Roll- Joan Jett

These Boots Are Made For Walkin- Nancy Sinatra

Junk foods

Zebra Cakes

Pizza Fiesta


Cookie Dough

Browie Sundaes

Places to eat in Pittsburgh 


Thai Gourmet

Pizza Fiesta

Hug Thai

Double Wide



The Last Unicorn

Heaven Knows What

Mouse Hunt

Julie and Julia

Role models

My Auntie Mal

Kathleen Hanna

Joan Jett

The lady that runs the Friendship dog show

Ari Up

Swither songs



Orange Peels

Helter Seltzer


Things to cook at home

Broccoli Alfredo

“Eggies in a Cup” (ask me about it sometime)

Mushroom Risotto


Egg Noodles

Productive ways to pass time during corona





Workin on a zine

Unproductive ways to pass time during corona

smokin grass
sleeping/depression napping
cutting my hair
bleaching my hair
eating pizza fiesta

Songs right now 

Double Dare Ya- Bikini Kill

Some Mutts (Cant Be Muzzled) - Amyl and the Sniffers

Sick Beat- Kero Kero Bonito

Chick Habit- April March

Lola- The Raincoats

80s pop jams

Heartbreaker- Pat Benatar

Notorious- Duran Duran

Girls Just Want To Have Fun- Cyndi Lauper

I Want Candy- Bow Wow Wow

Tainted Love- Soft Cell

Venues you’ve played

Lavender Town

Glove World


Mr. Smalls

Cafe Verona

Albums that changed your life 

Bikini Kill- Bikini Kill

Everclear- Sparkle and Fade

The Runaways- The Runaways

Neil Young- Harvest

The Presidents of the United State of America- The Presidents of the United States of America

Pizza toppings

Green Peppers



Buff Seitan


Cities you’ve visited 


Eagle Bay, NY

Albany, NY

Cancun, Mexico

Punxsutawney, PA


Honey Mustard

Sriracha Aioli


Maple Syrup


Fictional characters 

Jareth The Goblin King

Tony Soprano

Carmella Soprano

Hello Kitty

Bart Simpson

Written by Tyler Gallagher (@TylerGallagher8)