DEHD - 'Water'

Ahhhh here it is….that first thicc sweat of the summer. Soon enough it’s going be too hot to move and we’re all gonna die from global warming, but let’s just take moment to bask in the transition from winter to spring and from spring to the warmth of early summer. At this point every year I think back to when I was living in a dorm going to school at the University of Pittsburgh with one of my best friends. We both had penny boards and had been exiled to dorm purgatory over the harsh winter leading into finals hell. Finally we were free and he asked me if it was time to “Boardenburg”?, to which I opened the window, felt the warm sunshine, and said hell yeah. Cruising thru Oakland and feeling absolutely free, there it was, bliss.

DEHD is a trio from Chicago that’s been consistently been putting out great tunes since their self-titled album in 2016. Water, released this May has been another hurdle forward for these psych drenched garage rippers. These 13 songs fly by and are so enjoyable as they take you through different lanes of psych, garage rock, and absolutely stunning VU grooves. The guitar and bass are locked in so tight to their minimal, yet powerful melodies and everything is brought to an exclamation point by the drums. The drums on this album are bop hoppin all over the place in the best way, creating grooves and fills so choice. This is an album to feel like a smiley dirtbag too.

The other luring aspect of this album is the vocals, which I feel can only be described as chameleonesque; leaving you on your toes trying to pin down who the vocalist is emulating. The song “Wait” brings to mind Richard Hell’s drawl and songs “Lucky” and one of my favs off the album, “Lake”, have hushed lush vocals that are reminiscent of the Zombies, but much more relaxed, like if the Zombies knew how to kickflip and ate at Taco Bell. In the end the vocals here are of their own brand and to try to keep at this name game of who sounds like what takes away from how the singing is, which is, very good.

Ultimately, DEHD have created an album that slowly walks you through feelings and emotions in order to process things in the summer sun. When I write reviews I make it a point to listen to an album at least 3-4 times before writing a word. Everytime I listen thru this lovely album I get to the song “On My Side” and when the chorus hits I’m welled up with emotion about the memory of “Boardenburg”, the feelings of abandon and joy, and I realize that this band has punched me right in the stomach. I’m not young anymore, but I’m still young, and so are you, and that’s good and we’re going to try to make sure others know that too. Time is on our side and love is calling.

RIYL: Dirty hair doo-wop, Hanging ten at the sock-hop, Richard Hell wearing a Zommy Bamaha shirt, Feeling them Feelings

Favorite Tracks: Lucky, On My Side, Push the Crowd, Lake

Written by Ira Mason (@spookEguy420_69)