Soundcheck - April 26, 2019

Every week or so we will roundup some songs we really dig and share them with you. We hope you enjoy these as much as we do. Have a nice day. (Sorry we have not done one of these in a while!)

Being Dead - "Apostle's Prom

The whole EP Fame Money Death by Being Dead is so enjoyable. Seemingly light-hearted and fuzzed out, this two piece from Austin, TX makes rock quite entertaining. "Apostle's Prom" has a slow burner feel that makes you wanna drop dead on your bed, kick your feet up, and play air instrumentals. The commentary at the end before the final moments of the track is just so raw. Honestly epic. Music just isn't like this anymore. I'm going in for seconds on this. 

Shormey - "Boogie Island" 

Do you need a pick me up? Shormey has the goods for you. Cruise into positivity with  "Boogie Island." As you could assume from the track name alone, this single is rather groovy. Combining sounds of psychedelia, disco, and soul, Shormey Adumuah whips up music her own way from the confines of her bedroom. I can't help but move to this. People need to smile more. Seems like Shormey will be attacking just that on Boogie Island Vol 1., which is dropping May 10 via Citrus City.  

Pale Spring - "Happening" 

I don't know what it was but I got my hair cut a little bit shorter yesterday... was really feeling myself... this song kinda hits in the same vein. Own the club in the shadows of others being ridiculous. Emily Scott's vocals shimmer over top gloomy electronic production to deliver a fully realized and original goth-pop sound. Look out for her debut full-length CYGNUS next month. It'll surely be tighttt. 

Wild Firth - "Nevermind" 

Wild Firth just released their new album Lawn Memory TODAY! "Nevermind" is a cut off that record. There is something to be said about this self-described "blissed out" indie rock. The droning garage tones on this track are so comforting. I definitely dig Will Fraser's vocals as well as they fluctuate between lethargic muttering and cracking high pitch calls. I'm in for the ride. Check out the complimentary "vision quest" below and spin the full album if you like.

Peter Cat Recording Co. - "Floated By" 

This jazz track really caught my attention. The video is just as captivating as it dives head first into Indian culture at frontman Suryakant Sawhney's own wedding. I love every bit of this. A beautiful horn section, smooth drums, confident vocals, guiding guitar... this is it :) 

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