Speed Plans - 'Eeking Out'

It’s been a while since I’ve heard an album that is THE doozy of a ripper. A lot of folks try to get that 80’s thrash-punk vibe; there’s a million bands trying to be in the Decline of Western Civilization Pt. III. Here in Eeking Out we see it done right, no copy and pasting.

Speed Plan is a thrash group based out of yinzer nation, Pittsburgh, PA, and they’re here to go
FAST. This album kicks off with 3 songs, just under or right at a minute, and this is where the
guitar takes hold of me like a demon. Whoever is plucking the strings would make Billy Zoom
proud, holy hell. By the time I’m pulled out of this trance I realize that the bass and drums have
been locked in so tight there’s a vice grip on my head and all the walls are closing in on me.

Folks, there are so many good production choices on this album. One of the best parts for me is
how well the vocals are balanced against the instrumentation. It’s disappointing when vocals are
shoved down in the mix. Ya gotta have it all blended, like the best shamrock shake (yeah we
can argue about its edibility another time) I’ve ever drank, for it to be a BOP. Props to Speed
Plan and the Braddock Hit Factory for capturing this band in all its glory.

The album and claustrophobia continue at a breakneck pace, everything feels so upfront in the
speakers. There’s no space for you to breath, and that’s how Speed Plan wants it, inertia at full
force, you can’t even pick up your arms. Highway Star is one of my favorite tracks off the album.
In the same vein as Husker Dü, this song is thrash, but it’s also pop. You gotta dance, you gotta
headbang, and more importantly you catch yourself smiling because shit, this rocks.

I’m gonna wrap this up because I want to be as quick as this album is. As Eeking Out closes the
adrenaline is still coursing through your veins, and if you thought it was wearing off near the end
the 27 second song “Standing in Front of the Machine” is here to tell you otherwise. No
gimmicks, no schticks, just speed.

You ever get on an empty stretch of road and punch it to 100? Yeah, it’s a wild feeling. Now do
it blindfolded. Take your hands off the wheel. Ok here we are in foreign, terrifying territory, but
this...this is Speed Plans' home field advantage.

Plan to go fast.

RIYL: X, Sonic the Hedgehog (don’t even think he can go as fast as these rippers), Pissed
Jeans, The Slits, Husker Dü

Favorite Tracks: Highway Star, Money, Denialator, La Crunche, Standing in Front of The Machine

Written by Ira Mason (@spookEguy420_69)