All People - "Shattered Symbol"

Working in a creative head space is something special. It's a blessing. It's a curse. It is sure as hell not for the masses. Fortunately, I think creative people, especially those working in and around independent musicians and industry folk, meet plenty of others doing great things for similar reasons. I got an email today, and as you could assume I was late on getting back to them. I explained my situation (work, school, label, blah blah blah...) and they responded back, "No worries my friend! Keep fighting the good fight." It's hard out here, but hey, at the end of the day, we are going to do what it takes to make the music right and try to have fun doing it. It only becomes easier to get lost in this great mess when your friends are right there with you. Sitting here with this single in hand really made me realize... ya know what... All People and Community Records are really out here fighting the good fight.

All People is a band of friends that formed 7 years ago. It was a project that had simple, yet solid intentions: tour frequently, release great records, and overall just focus on being a band. After 7 years of really exceeding those goals, this story has come to a close. And that is OK. To tie a nice bow around music, friendship, and good times, All People have assembled their fourth and final record, Do This Again Tomorrow. Today we are sharing single "Shattered Symbol" ahead of the full release on April 26 and we could not be more excited!

Channeling an optimistic tone in eerie circumstances, keys shimmer in a rather suspect opening. What has happened? What is going to happen? "Shattered Symbol" goes on to tell a tale of what simply did not work out between two individuals. The track throws the listener for a loop, as people are jerked around in the final moments of a relationship that was once maybe, just maybe "right." After a noisy punk intervention, I envision someone pacing around a room as they come to terms with the situation at hand. An abrupt breakdown, and a sludgy bass, set the stage for a voice of harsh reality that builds to an emotional climax. Guitar rushes underneath smashing drum symbols, bringing us to the end of a road of what was an interstate. Don't drive too fast. You may forget to slow down.

But yeah... back to the full record... Like any project, you can get caught up in "success" or numbers or whatever, but that really is not what it is all about sometimes. As the release approaches, and the emotions pour, Greg Rodrigue of All People and co-founder of prestigious DIY label, Community Records (Pope, Nova One, Slingshot Dakota), has gone on record to say:
Abandoning concern as to what a listener might think of the band or our music, finally gave us the space and freedom to create the most accurate representation of what I had hoped the band (and my relationship with music) would be at its inception. I’m really proud of this last record. I think we figured out how to be a “band” just in time to stop touring and stuff, lol. I am incredibly appreciative of the other folks in the project. They have become some of my best friends on the planet, and we’ve grown a lot together. 

People have responsibilities to cater to. Personal or professional, these things can change people and occupy their time for the better or worse. However, there are still bands like All People that stick around, regardless of how life happens around them. A group of friends who would round out a late night practice after work with the same thing in mind, "Hey. Let's do this again tomorrow," that is quite special. I believe it when Greg says this is the group's best work. Satisfaction definitely peaks when the ride is just a great as the finale. All People are finishing right where they want to... with each other.

The final album release show will be May 4th at Gasa Gasa for the Community Records 11-Year Anniversary. LP pre-orders are live! A few other singles are also available for you to listen to! The record looks/sounds great, so get on that! They are also making 20 page retrospective risograph print books which feature every show they've ever played for the first 75 pre-orders. Seems like a must-cop for Community Records stans.

Written by Connor Murray (@craftedsounds)