Soundcheck - March 12, 2019

Every week or so we will roundup some songs we really dig and share them with you. We hope you enjoy these as much as we do. Have a nice day.

bdrmm - "heaven"

I am surprised no one else came up with this band name already. bdrmm is a sensible take on bedroom and the whole bedroom-pop/dream-pop thing going on. Took me a second to figure that out which is a good thing I suppose. The track "heaven" shimmers and shines with a transition from synth to guitar focus. Give this a go. 

INFINITY KNIVES - "ugly nigga from heaven"

A friend of mine shot this in my DM's this week. I really love the experimental hip-hop brewing in Baltimore. If you check out anyone, be sure to peep Infinity Knives. Dreary and tasteful.. this guy has it figured out. Also lookout for the track they did with jack-of-all-trades Giddeon Gallows.

CALYX - "Onom"

CALYX makes really really tight power punk hits and they have been for a hot minute now. This is Exhibit A. Please listen. 

Driver's Ed - "Social Smoker"

With twinkling xylophone beginnings, Driver's Ed of Newark, DE would go on deliver a wholesome emo-punk tune right here. "I only smoke because I think it looks cool." ... haha nice.

Helado Negro - "Please Won't Please"

Beautiful, comforting lyrics that ride softly above a chill electronic backdrop. Oh this is nice.

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