AllegrA - 'yet, not enough'

AllegrA is a four piece indie-rock band hailing from the eastern side of this lovely state of
Pennsylvania. Allegra Eidinger is the songwriter and frontperson of this here lovely band, and the newest EP from this quartet, yet, not enough, is exactly what you want from an EP. I can’t say it any other way. It’s the perfect length, the right amount of songs, and as a very dear friend of mine always says, what makes an record for him is, “openers and closers”.

This EP is an intimate, emotional journey filled with some of the most subtly crafted
instrumentation that worms its way into your mind and doesn’t leave. With “Comfortable Being
Strangers”, AllegrA puts us into a pair of their shoes, trying to help us understand the importance of solitude and the sacredness of anonymity. Isn’t it better sometimes to just be in a room instead of having to act like YOU exist in that room? The sentiment is wholly relatable and with the incredible groove of the bass and drums, accompanied by the beautiful dual guitar tones, you’re completely immersed while trying to grasp the pressing thoughts of the lyrics. “Twisting Of”, the closer on this EP, and rightfully so, is the most lush of all the tracks here, ebbing and flowing so perfectly.

Ya see, that’s the best thing about this EP for me. This whole thing is able to feel like
a conversation...about Allegra’s day, instances that gave them pause, and how the heck they
can give their life more meaning in relation to a shelf they’d like to build out of materials that
originally were not meant to be a shelf. This EP creates an environment that I feel comfortable
enough to respond in a way such that memories flow out of me while I listen to it; helping to add
to this already lovely conversation. My favorite track on this EP is the opener, an folks, It’’s been
a while since I’ve been hit so hard with overwhelming emotion while listening to a song.

What’s a memory that gives you the most joy? Makes you feel the most safe? The most at peace? For me it’s a time when a whole group of friends and I went out to Lancaster to visit a friend over the holidays. We were all in really great spirits, and something just felt so comfortable about it all. Eventually, after hiking around outside for a while, we decided to go back to our friend’s house, and in our down time utilized the entirety of the basement to create one massive, blanket fort. Propped up pool cues, chairs, and a lot of the universe being kind to us that day kept this beautiful fort standing all night as we transitioned from watching Adventure Time to having some conversations that only close friends in a blanket fort could have. A space so vulnerable, supportive, and strong. How did I end up here crying tears of joy again? Whatever spirit was helping Allegra hold that chair helped to hold our fort, and with that our conversation began.

RIYL: warm beverages (not a band, just the feeling of), Snail Mail, Big Thief
Favorite Tracks: Spoon or Fork, Twisting Of

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Written by Ira Mason (@spookEguy420_69)