Pretty Matty - 'Kicked Out' B/W 'Divine Hammer (Breeders Cover)'

Toronto-based anti-rockstar Pretty Matty reeks of Garbage: the Shirley Manson-led grunge outfit Garbage, that is. On past releases, Pretty Matty has delivered an attitude similar to the great grunge and alternative rock groups of the 90s, wrapped up in a smart, millennial-angst driven package. Pretty Matty’s music is a fun, modern take on inspirations of Green Day and Dear Nora, among other acts of 90s.

On this most recent single + b-side, Kicked Out B/W Divine Hammer, Pretty Matty offers two great tracks; one pop-punk anthem and one cover that reflects his influences. The first track, "Kicked Out," moves away from Matty’s dirty, lo-fi sound on his debut EP. If the tracks on last year’s Pretty Matty EP were a full beard, "Kicked Out" is the stubble the day after shaving; a little cleaner around the edges, but still rough to the touch. This track is an angsty look into a millennial’s struggle with growing up presented in a pop-punk manner.

Pretty Matty does not fully abandon their roots on this release. The b-side is a cover of The Breeders’ "Divine Hammer." This cover is truly something special. In this ode to 1990s alternative music, Pretty Matty performs the track with a new urgency that the original somewhat lacks. If you are someone who enjoys 90s rock as well as modern lo-fi rock such as Wavves and White Reaper, give this track a listen.

Although this release is rather short, it leaves the listener anticipating more; Matty might “just be looking for the divine hammer” on Divine Hammer, but I’m looking out for his next release.

"Kicked Out" is available now on streaming services through the Toronto based label Must Be Nice. On Saturday, January 26, Pretty Matty will be selling an enamel pin with a digital download of these tracks at their release show at Horseshoe Tavern with Little Junior, Wine Lips, No Bro and Good Kid. Listen to "Kicked Out" and "Divine Hammer" (EXCLUSIVE STREAM) below!

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Written by Dylan Fitch (@DylanFitch3)