'Moon Gear (Self-Titled)'

As a side project of promising Tel Aviv talent Neta Polturak, self-titled Moon Gear marks the first collaborative release between the artist and producer Eilon Elikam. The EP will be released on Berlin based indie label, Baby Satan Records, who will produce limited edition cassettes and CDs. 

While the duo is obviously influenced by minimal pop, production efforts fill out the sonic territory without gentle intrusion; the duo makes use of delays and reverberant swells that at times sound orchestral. 

In conjunction, lo-fidelity motoric rhythms that bring the sound of Can’s “Spoon” off the Peel Sessions to mind provide a solid base.This serves the songs well as they never truly seem to come to end, but fade out making each track its own hypnotic world. Even though the songs serve a greater whole of the EP, the songwriting makes each track feel as though each could be listened to for hours on end. 

The juxtaposition of organic and electronic elements such as, drum machines, interwoven electric and acoustic guitars, hauntingly beautiful vocals blur lines between conscious and subconscious. This may be best exemplified on tracks such as “Ghost Ships” and “The Bird in America”.  

Similarly, Polturak’s lyrics, half spoken/half sung are poetic in a way that evoke how thoughts may make sense when dreaming, yet seem surreal once awake; caught somewhere in a waking dream haze. 

One of my personal favorites is EP’s is the instrumental epilogue “(Crow) A Kiss on the Shoulder”. Perhaps more sullen and soft spoken than its comrades, its oceanic sample goes hand in hand with the harmonic overtones caught in a wave of reverb. Churning over and over again the lulls the release to sleep.

Even though the EP contains 8 songs, it clocks in around 34 minutes, making it feel like an album. Still, due to its hypnotic nature, Moon Gear shares the replay-ability of a well written EP that calls to be listened to over and over again.

Moon Gear’s debut is best listened to with good speakers or headphones in a relaxed setting, as the songwriting, however ever contemplative yearns for every detail to be paid to. It can be fun to listen, but really listen (I mean no talking) with friends or for solo swaying alone. 

Despite a plethora of audible influences, Moon Gear may have very well found the recipe to cook up something considerably new, fresh and dare I say it, original.

Be sure to check out the release event on Thursday, January 24 at ACUD Macht Neu where Neta will perform with a live band for the first time, including members Eleni Poulou (The Fall) and Sophie Labrey (The Undertones, TriggerFinger). Click here to view the event. 

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Written by Lafayette Vanderkin-Jus (@heylaffy)