High Sunn - 'Our Perception'

High Sunn is a honest, raw dream-pop act from San Francisco, CA. Emerging over the years as a lo-fi bedroom project, Justin Cheromiah has continued to fine-tune his craft through many releases and a rather active live presence. Already in 2019, there is no slowing down for High Sunn as we jump right into the new year with Our Perception, their latest release that is available today on streaming and limited cassette format through Spirit Goth. In fact, this record will also kick off Spirit Goth's new Cassette Club, which you should check out as well!

The marriage of Cheromiah's catchy guitar compositions and emotional vocals has a proven track record of catching listeners' attention. On Our Perception, tracks "Grateful" and "Just Remember" get back to the meat and potatoes of High Sunn with just that. We also see the return of drum and synth master Tristin Souvannarath on this album. His backing support definitely paves the way for a fuller sound that we have not always gotten on previous releases. Tracks like "Need For Your Comfort" and "Three Words" carry more weight than others with synth-heavy climaxes that tie nice bows around Cheromiah's sonic expressions. I will say that this album is both nostalgic and exciting, leading me to believe Our Perception exemplifies some of High Sunn's best work yet.

This record has gone on to serve as a reflection piece of a particularly hard time in Cheromiah's life. Since finishing Our Perception, Cheromiah has gone on to say, "Never have I ever spent months on a release. I've ached, cried, stressed, and felt joy writing these songs of love, real life experiences, struggles, and pure gratitude." Enough words... High Sunn is back again with a good one. Go ahead and have a listen for yourself.

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Written by Connor Murray (@craftedsounds)