'lonestar' - Peach Bloom Compilation

When one thinks of the music coming out of the Texas DIY scene, what comes to mind is the depth and spaciousness of the landscape, then translated into sound. There is something wondrously quotidian about it all. A particular sound and feeling that are evoked across the artists and bands coming up within the lone star state. Emotional, sparing, simple. Something like the milky light of morning, permeating dusty windows. Field recordings of life as it’s lived -- of music as it’s meant to be made and experienced.

Peach Bloom’s compilation taps into the greatness of this specific quality, but extends itself into other facets of the scene. A compilation focusing on the musicians and communities in Texas that “[go] beyond genre,” lonestar shifts and refracts as it makes its way through each of the twelve tracks.

Beginning with the resonant fingerpicking of Mouse Trap’s “Falling in Love,” the album immediately invites the listener into another realm. Repetitive and layered guitar intertwines and folds upon itself, as Jackson Eudy wonders whether they’re falling in love. Crisman keeps the flame of intimacy quietly burning in “Go”, a song that is as powerful as it is fragile.

Paying homage to two of the most prominent musicians of the bandcamp-age, Bare Mountain brilliantly covers Emily Yacina’s “Miss You” with a frenetic twist, while Skirts’ stripped back rendition of (Sandy) Alex G’s “Brite Boy” is wistful and haunting.

Entering a dreamier soundscape, “Win” by Dead Sullivan is a short and sweet track with illegible vocals that blend into the song itself, bringing to mind the muddled lyrics of Carissa’s Wierd. Fuvk’s “Madeline” is a ballad of hazy romance set against the time signature of class schedules and the tempo of a longing heart.

Representing the more experimental side of the compilation, the glitchy and mesmerizing intricacies of China Club’s “Gucci Rainboots” give way to the nuanced electro-pop rap of William Austin Clay. “Flip” is a twinkling mash-up of arpeggiated synths, trap beats, and auto-tuned vocals (think Kero Kero-Bonito meets Sitcom). Sample and drum-machine driven, Picnics’ “The Game” pairs its staccato beat with dreamy chords, warm vocals, and glittery clusters of synths.

Why Bonnie’s “Leave the Light On” creates a soft glowing swell of guitar and floating harmonies, while a stellar (as always) Hovvdy demo called “Paint” crushes the listener with their broad strokes of bare instrumentals and murmured lyrics. The compilation wraps up with a song from Pissing Boy. “There’s Just Life And Rings of Rubber” is a meditative jumble of piano chords, lilting drones, clattering drums, and cuckooing synths. It is a stunning and cathartic piece that perfectly concludes the album.

Peach Bloom will have two release shows - one in Dallas on 1/11 (TODAY) + one in Austin on 1/12. Dead Sullivan, Fuvk, William Austin Clay, and Skirts will be playing the Dallas release party. Fuvk and Skirts will also be joining Why Bonnie, Hal D. for the Austin Release party the following day. There is also a rumored surprise performance at the Austin show...

lonestar is available digitally and on cassette now via bandcamp.

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Written by Ava Mirzadegan (@moltenhotava)