Twenty Top 5s with Jordyn Blakely

HEY! Welcome to Twenty Top 5s. I (Tyler) have been sending out questionnaires to some of my favorite musicians and asking for their top 5 in every category. I’ll be publishing them every Thursday for the foreseeable future. Hopefully this lets you get to know some of your favorite musicians a little bit better, and I hope it distracts you in these trying times.

Today’s Twenty Top 5 participant is Jordyn Blakely. Jordyn plays and has played in some of my absolute favorite bands. The Brooklyn-based musician is a talented multi-instrumentalist and singer always involved in multiple projects. She currently plays in Maneka, Stove, and Kino Kimino, and formerly drummed in Jackal Onassis and Sharkmuffin, among others. In addition, Jordyn is currently working on a solo EP.

Jordyn has influenced my own drumming and songwriting tremendously, so this is an exciting one for me. If you haven't listened to Stove or Maneka, please check them out. It was a pleasure to have her participate!

recording artists when you were in high school




The Libertines

Blink 182

Songwriting influences

Elliott Smith

Chelsea Wolfe

Kurt Cobain

Elizabeth Fraser

Lou Barlow

Instrument influences

Carla Azar

Mitch Mitchell

John Bonham

Greg Saunier

Dave King

Karaoke songs

Tearing up my heart (Nsync)

waiting for tonight (JLo)

Complicated (Avril Lavigne)

every morning (sugar ray)

baby one more time (Britney spears)

Junk foods

Sour cream & onion utz ridged chips

cracked pepper kettle chips

Tostitos tortilla chips


Doritos (OG)

Places to eat in New York 


Kenka ramen

peter pan deli


Cachapas y mas



SLC Punk

Cabin in the Woods

Mulholland Drive


Role models

Mike Judge

Bernie Sanders

Pipilotti Rist

Bong Joon Ho

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Maneka songs


Never nowhere

Brand new day

My boy Seth

Holy hell

Stove songs

Dumb phone

Stiff bones

Bubblegum lightning

They are dogs

Tiny gaze

Productive ways to pass time during corona

Drinking coffee in the backyard in the sun with our cat Piper

Learning to have more fun being alone

Long conversations with friends and family

Unlimited time playing any instrument you feel like

Watching super random TV and movies you normally would never be bored enough to watch

Unproductive ways to pass time during corona

Losing to the same level in Yoshis story on N64

Looking at my phone too much

sleeping from 5am-2pm

Sipping and refilling the same glass of wine all day

Reading the news too much and freaking out

Songs right now 

"Knock" shell of a shell

"gimme gimme" nnamdi

"nice try" youbet

"I'm your puppet" Dionne Warwick

"the hermit crab" lilys

80s pop jams

"Cruel summer" bananarama

"eyes without a face" billy idol

"like a prayer" Madonna

"when doves cry" prince

"drive" the cars

Venues you’ve played 

Shea Stadium

the Mohawk

Everybody Hits

Café de l'Espace

Carnegie Hall

Albums that changed your life 

Drive Like Jehu "Yank Crime"

Green Day "Dookie"

Portishead "Dummy"

Beck "Odelay"

Weezer "Blue Album"

Pizza toppings

Pepperoni/black olives





Cities you’ve visited


St. Louis






bbq sauce

soy sauce

chipotle mayo

valentina hot sauce

Fictional characters 

Hagrid from Harry Potter

Jesse Pinkman


Lisa Simpson

Quinn Morgendorffer

Written by Tyler Gallagher (@TylerGallagher8)