Soundcheck - March 25, 2019

Every week or so we will roundup some songs we really dig and share them with you. We hope you enjoy these as much as we do. Have a nice day.

The Gotobeds - "Calquer the Hound" 

Pittsburgh post-punkers, The Gotobeds, are back again with a new record on deck. The album title itself Debt Begins at 30 is humorous and terrifying as continue to ballout on student loans. Fortunately, the lead single "Calquer the Hound" is a fun punk track I can envision myself yelling along to with my friends in the pit. It has a certain aggression to it that makes it all that more enjoyable to listen to. I think this is a good sign for the future. Shoutout loan forgiveness.   

Wes Ambien - "Callin' Me"

A friend of mine shot this in my DM's this week. I really love the experimental hip-hop brewing in Baltimore. If you check out anyone, be sure to peep Infinity Knives. Dreary and tasteful.. this guy has it figured out. Also lookout for the track they did with jack-of-all-trades Giddeon Gallows.

URBN SHMN - "love me feat. Shiloh Dynasty"

This fella is one of my favorite producers that I have recently discovered. Stumbled upon him some time back and he is kinda on the same wavelength of Infinity Knives who we shared in our last Soundcheck. The music definitely is a little more soul oriented and less experimental, but it is tight nonetheless. Below is just one track from his most recent tape Cuffin Season 3, but I really do enjoy everything that I have heard from URBN SHMN. There's something in the water in Baltimore. Not sure if it is worse than what we got here in Pittsburgh though haha.

Mess - "Cave"

Hailing from Kansas City, MO, Mess is set to drop their debut LP later this week. Lemme tell ya... it's gonna hit hardddd. "Cave" is so well done. Reminds me of when I listened to Kississippi the first time. The track tugs at the heart strings between beautiful vocals and grooving bass lines. I really dig this. Hope this track does it for you as well. "Don't you think you're better off... painted over the sidewalk." ... Love that.

Junaco - "Willow"

A fresh take on Americana-inspired pop-folk. This emotional track is warm in all the right ways. I like the trade off of vocals here. The nice guitar breakdown and soft howls from Shahana Jaffer complement each other so well. Be on the lookout for their upcoming EP out soon.

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