Soundcheck - March 1, 2019

Every week or so we will roundup some songs we really dig and share them with you. We hope you enjoy these as much as we do. Have a nice day.

Crumb - "Part III"

One of my biggest regrets was not being in town to see a show Crumb played at a house years ago. They are back with another hit, which I assume is the beginning of more things to come this year. Creating spacey, silky jams is their core competency and they keep getting better at doing exactly that. Honestly Crumb is the Three Course Dinner Chewing Gum of modern alternative music. What else do you possibly want? 

Graham Hunt - "Every Person"

This forward garage-pop track is here to remind you that you can hit a semi-hard reset when meeting new people. Go listen to their new record Leaving Silver City out now on Forged Artifacts. It's a goodie.

THE EYYES - "Waiting For You"

Spooky vocals, bare strumming, and plenty of layers... For some reason this song hit really hard for me. Although winding in nature, "Waiting For You" is beautifully experimental and definitely worth the ride. 

Coughy - "V"

Check out this fun animated video for "V," Coughy's quick grunge-inspired single. Be on the lookout for their new record out later this month!

Club Night - "Village"

Club Night splashed onto the indie radar with their previous introductory releases. Now they are set to release their first LP in April on Tiny Engines. Peep their new single "Village" for a noisy, jangly treat.

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