Harvey Waters - 'Soft'

This review has been a long time coming. Kinda crazy how life picks up and slows downs in mysterious ways. Fortunately, it is the time of year the kids call "Spring Break." Blessup. Anyway... self-described "Dreamo" band, Harvey Waters, just dropped their new record Soft a couple of weeks ago, and I'm here to make sure you get hip to it.

The record opens with a smooth buildup of guitar, vocal layering, and a nice drizzle of synth-work. Track one, "Taste," really put me in a good state of the mind from the very beginning of my listen. At first I would have said that this should have ended the record, but I do not think I would have it any other way as it leads perfectly into "Progress", a beautiful slacker pop track. This track in particular is aided heavily Grace McElhone's harmonizing vocals that sit just right. "Dreamo" sets in here with these two wonderfully put together desperation songs. 

Drifting further into this record, listeners bump into the rather welcoming drumming in "Drip." This is probably my favorite song on the record for just that reason. To my surprise, the track was shorter than I anticipated, despite the slightly slower tempo. I would come to peace with the abrupt ending as I thought through the following interlude track, "Needles." I have mixed feelings about placing pauses in records because I am not sure if they are always appropriate, but I liked this one and the one that precedes the final track on this record. I felt "Needles" served as a clear divide in songwriting on this record since b-side, if you will, is a little louder, cleaner, and confident.

The remaining tracks are not as washy as the others. They focus on sharper vocals and raw instrumentation. They stand together well in their own way as they do not fade into one another in the same fashion of earlier tracks. "Cracker" hits a little bit of that fuzzy, noisy element. "Pulling Teeth" is a wholesome breakdown that features help from Frankie (aka stolenchaptick) of Deadplant Records. The final track, "Buried," howls into space and concludes with twinkling piano and synth.

Harvey Waters has found a sound that works for them perfectly on Soft. Their emotional, jangle-heavy appeal crosses many sub-genres rooted in the worldwide DIY community. Be on the lookout for a show of theirs if you reside in the Kalamazoo, Michigan area. Soft is out now everywhere. This full record is worth your time. Spin it now. 

RIYL: Swings, Alex G, Strange Ranger, Spencer Radcliffe
Favorite Tracks: Progress, Drip, Inside 
Hot Take: Harvey Waters is your next hangover cure. 

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Writen by Connor Murray (@craftedsounds)