Wieuca ft. JAVAE - "Human Shield"

Wiecua is known for its diverse tones and melodies. The Athen’s based indie rock band comes from a very deep rooted appreciated for alternative country, and every single/project they’ve released since their inception has its foundations in it. But that’s not to say that everything that have and can make has to be tied to this very narrow genre. This new single, Human Shield, is a collaboration between the band and also native Georgian JAVAE. The 24 year old rapper released his second album WE OUTSIDE. In 2018 and is best known in his local area for competing in local hip-hop cypher events, winning some of them.

This collaboration exemplifies how talented and diverse both acts are. Only in seemingly niche settings do we see rap/indie artists collaborate and create something truly magical. The juxtaposition between Wieuca leads reverby and ethereal vocal harmony and JAVAE’s extravagant and abrasive vocal delivery provides an interesting dynamic that you don’t typically hear in either genre. The feeling of desperation and feeling lost because of your inner demons and feeling those walls closing in is perfectly demonstrated and expressed in this song. The most painful line to me being JAVAE explaining how his little brother had passed away from cancer and moving past it still searching for answers as to why and how to move on. The instrumental is incredibly atmospheric and giving each snare or synth note time to breathe gives it a new angle that you would typically expect from a cloud rap beat.

The video is a fascinating accompaniment to the track. Shot by local producer Goodie, the contrast between the very ominous, bleak lighting and the hued, very cartoonish colorful masks give a whole new point of view to the main point of the song. JAVAE's verse on top of the snowy rooftop feels like a much more laid back and relaxing point of the video. It serves as a great visual companion to the song.

Human Shield is something that we should all expect and ask for more of not just from Wiecua and JAVAE, but from music as a whole. Here we have two different genres that you wouldn’t typically see or expect to be as good as it is. However, all you really need is two incredibly talented and creative artists to come together and create something truly special. Human Shield is out now and is available through Land of the Freak Recordings alongside this music video, which you can watch below.

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Written by Javier Rodriguez (@Javi7122)