Soundcheck - February 18, 2019

Every week or so we will roundup some songs we really dig and share them with you. We hope you enjoy these as much as we do. Have a nice day.

Laveda - "Dream. Sleep."

Power pop that hits in all the right ways. Charged guitar and dreamy vocals leave just enough room for electronic drums and twinkling keys.

Sad Girls Aquatics Club - "Oh Billy"

SGAC is a new act out of Pittsburgh, PA. This track is off their debut record 'Vodkawine' which was released late last year. If you are into groovy, electronic psych-pop, give this a spin.

Boio - "Dad"

This art-rock act Boio from Brooklyn takes fans on quite the trip in this single. The video below aims to depict "the tactile and oral fixation of early childhood." It is only when you realize that all children put random things in their mouths, this video is rather reflective of one of the simplest elements of human nature. Sporadic song progressions and rebounds in tempo really kept me listening to hear what was going to happen next. To say the least, Boio has the sauce.

Solar Estates - "Shape"

The perfect fusion of alt-country and warm fuzz rock. Solar Estates from Chico, California has this music thing figured out in their single "Shape."

Princex - "Headlights"

With entertaining vocal commentary and old-school guitar Princex has created their own classic sound in "Headlights." Turn this track all the way up on your way home from work.

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