Lo Haze - "Cosmonaut"

You told yourself to get up and go for a run. You were very close to staying bed, but here you are trotting along. For some reason the gap in winter extremities is rather nice. It sure helps when it is above freezing. Some time into your run it starts to rain, and you hit your stride. You look up and the sun breaks the horizon as droplets of water kiss your forehead and proceed to run down your face. Don't get me wrong... you are gassed as fuck, but this is not so bad after all. I'd imagine that the music that would fit naturally in that moment of cardiovascular humility would be "Cosmonaut," a new track from LA act Lo Haze. "Cosmonaut' is a powerful, deeply emotional track that reminds one what it is like to be human. It encourages one to reach for new heights with rather intense streaks of guitar and enchanting vocals.

Lo Haze is just getting started after recently coming together last year. Their debut EP is set for release this Thursday on streaming services and they have a EP release show planned on February 22 in LA as well. Get hip to Lo Haze and spin this single ASAP.

RIYL: No Vacation, Beach House

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Written by Connor Murray (@craftedsounds)