BBGuns - "One Piece"

I cannot really put into words what exactly BBGuns is. When it comes to this Pittsburgh duo, there are no rules. The mind says hip-hop, but the heart says everything else. Together talented vocalist Lazy JP and stalwart emcee Barz Blackman take elements found in pop and indie rock and slaps it up against hip-hop in a manner I have never really experienced before.

Their single One Piece is infectious. The performances between JP and Blackman complement each other oh-so-nicely in the track. Production handled by C. Scott and Oh85 sets the stage for a catchy club feel and The Zells even come in at the close of the song with some fuzzy guitar assistance. 

The music video for One Piece includes visuals that capture the contrasting beauty found in and around L.A. It was shot and directed by Cory Pitkavish who has worked with major artists like Desiigner and Riff Raff. Check it out below!

Bottom line: BBGuns makes good music no matter what you think it sounds like. Enjoy.

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Written by Connor Murray (@craftedsounds)